Community Management
That Continues To Perform

Community Management
Managing all social media accounts and platforms, removing profanity, banning spammers and watching out for scammers.
Live Moderation 24/7
Fast and accurate responses to questions, creating engagement, addressing concerns/problems, collecting feedback
Content Creation
Publishing articles and sharing the latest relevant industry news and project updates in main targeted languages.
Does Your Community Management Specialist Do This?
• Managing the pinned posts
• Sharing the latest updates.
• Proposing weekly contests
• Proposing weekly campaigns.
• Instantly resolving any concerns.
• Answering all questions under 10 minutes.
• Making everyone feel welcomed.
• Encouraging members to be active.
• Creating content on project's behalf.
• Localizing the key news and articles.
• Publishing content on project's behalf
• Translation to main languages
• Motivating content creation by the community and project's fans
• Gathering ideas and feedback
Channels We Work With
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and many more…
Faster Conversion Results
Unlike other companies, we promote you by all means, not our brand in our agents names. Aside from that, we are active crypto investors & work only with projects in which we are likely to invest ourselves. We will share and take care of your project, because we want it to succeed!

Having a strong community, strong partnerships and effective marketing strategy throughout the funding process is crucial to a successful crowdfund. Let professionals be the voice of your project and increase the conversions!
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"SalesLift wouldn't start spending a dime of our budget, until we adjusted everything that could lower the performance, based on benchmark they have provided free of charge. This is how things should be done!"
Rafael Torreblanca
Transparency, Clarity, and Insight
Soft Launch
Our team will be actively listening, taking feedback and using gamification in order to foster true brand ambassadors and help you improve product before the launch.
Spread the word about your awesome project, attract the right investors and create hype. We will utilize a number of marketing strategies to create interest around your project and reach the set goals.
Global Community
Building a border-less community and representation in different countries and languages. Analyzing your target market and investing resources into the mass awareness and adoption of your brand.
We Accept Anything You Prefer To Use
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How much does all this cost?
Depends on your current situation and your goals, as community management may involve representatives with many languages and in different time zones. It's always fair and transparent.
You mentioned contracts. Do you require one?
No. We provide the services on month-to-month basis.
What languages do you offer?
Currently we have Community Managers that are fluent in: English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian. Other languages can be accommodated upon request.

We offer professional Bounty Program Management through which, active community members will create content in all the languages that you require, the most popular ones are Japanese, Chinese and Korean using our manuals for the consistency with the answers in all public chats and group. Please contact us for more details.
What is your coverage? How many hours do you offer?
We work together with you, in order to evaluate your "pain points" and prepare a plan, based on your business needs, time restrictions and budget.

We also offer targeted coverage during the hours that you need. For example, your community is most active in the morning and in the evening - we will make sure those exact time frames are covered by us and you don't pay us extra when it's not necessary.

We Help Our Clients Make More Money!