Case Study: Roofing Company in Canada
I Roof Alberta is a company specializing in residential metal roofing installations based out of Edmonton, Canada. Its a company that strives to be always up to date with the latest installation technologies available. They excel at concentrating all their knowledge and experience on their client's roofs, and that's exactly the information they wanted us to convey through our digital marketing services.
I Roof Alberta came to Saleslift looking to use our PPC services to generate better quality traffic and conversions and our Conversion Rate Optimization services to improve their website conversion rate performance. In part 1 of this case study we will go over the initial website optimizations made to boost their conversion rates.

At the time of starting this project, their website was converting around 0.7% of visitors, a number we aimed to increase before having the client invest in PPC marketing.
Using some of our favorite conversion rate optimizations tools we ran a full audit on the client's website in order to find how we could increase the amount of sales their website brings in.
Using heat maps, scroll maps, click maps and user session recordings we were able to paint a complete picture of how visitors to from different traffic channels (social, adwords, organic search) were behaving. Some of the issues found included:

  • Mobile version UX (user experience) errors
  • Desktop version page load speed
  • Navigation errors (404s and broken links)

Once we had identified all potential issues causing users to bounce off the client's website we proceeded to fix these one by one.

Has your agency ever provided you with detailed user session recordings and heat maps to understand your audience better? If not, why not get a free proposal from us?
It's amazing how small errors can affect conversions rates on website, which is why it is important to have a clear conversion optimization roadmap, so that no small detail is missed.

When optimizing a website for conversions it is important to define how long changes will be measured in order to determine their effectiveness. This time will vary depending on the amount of changes realized or the amount of visitors the website usually gets.
Once all conversion rate optimizations were completed (without even starting the PPC management services) the client saw a 12% increase in conversions from direct, social and organic traffic!

On-site optimizations resulted in a 30% increase to website load speed (from 1.5 seconds to 1.01) and increase of 12 google page score points. Remember, increasing website speed is one of the top ways to boost conversion rates!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this case study where we will you let you in on some of our A/B testing secret recipes for conversion rate optimization success!